Madison CS 3-4: Mad Libs

Welcome to your first project in CS 3-4!

In this project, you’ll be writing a program that lets the user fill in a mad lib. When you’re done, your program will look something like this:

My mad lib script isn’t very good, though - you should write a better one!

Starter Code

This project comes with some starter code to get you started. Download this file and open it in IDLE.

The starter code comes with a mad_lib() function - that’s where your code should go.

The starter code has some comments with the word TODO in them, which are just reminders about what you’re supposed to do. Delete those comments once you’ve done the things that they tell you to do.


Your program should prompt the user for at least five words and then plug them into a mad-lib script you’ve written. If you’d like to write a longer mad-lib, go ahead and prompt the user for lots more words!

Remember: here’s how to use the input() function to ask the user for a string of text and then save that string to a variable:

Submitting your project

Submit a file called For example, I’d submit a file called

On the first line of that file, write a comment with your name on it, like this:

# JR Heard

A Suggestion

You’re probably going to end up writing a lot of code like this:

That can get pretty repetitive. If you want to make this feel a little less gross, you can write a function like this:

Then you can use that function in your code like this:

I like this better because it means that I don’t have to type out "Please give me a <something>:" every time.

You don’t have to do this get_word() thing, but you can if you want to!